Our childhoods may lack ideal memories, snow may not fall in Houston for years to come, and our “wish lists” may never be fulfilled. However, we all have this in common: Jesus Christ came for each of us. God did not send Jesus just to save Americans, church-goers, or people who mostly do good things. Rather, He sent Him to provide the world — everybody — with the one and only way to heaven. That’s what we’re celebrating at Celebration
at Houston's First Baptist Church!

Behind the Scenes

We're going on a hiatus in 2014

Celebration will take a hiatus next year.   This news is probably a shock to many people — especially those […]

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Why I Serve: Lezlie Callaway

Lezlie Callaway from the Downtown Campus (red vest above) is an example of somebody using their skills and passion — […]

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Why I Serve: Roy Brown

For Roy Brown from the Cypress Campus, a last-minute replacement gig in Celebration years ago became an annual project he […]

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